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Malaya fertility prep program

What is the Malaya Method?

The Malaya method uses evidence-based acupuncture, herbal medicine, supplements, nutrition, and lifestyle changes to improve fertility.  Our program spans three to four months to align with the egg maturation cycle. We prioritize hormone balance, menstrual cycle regulation, egg quality, follicle development, and overall wellness to optimize the chances of conception.

What makes the Malaya Method unique?

Our treatment is tailored to a person’s unique profile, and in addition addresses someone’s underlying health concerns that may be impacting fertility. Using traditional Chinese medicine and western-based diagnostic methods, your unique treatment needs are identified and addressed via an integrated approach. 

Who is this program for?

Whether you’re at the beginning of your fertility journey, struggling to conceive, or planning IVF/IUI, our program can help your body enhance its chances of conception. The Malaya fertility prep program spans 4 months, incorporating weekly acupuncture sessions, herbal medicine, supplements, and lifestyle adjustments. It’s essential for participants to commit to the program’s duration, attend weekly treatments, and adhere to personalized lifestyle changes. Recognizing that change takes time, we are committed to supporting you throughout the journey.

What is included in the program?


Weekly acupuncture treatments are strategically designed to harmonize fluctuating hormone levels, supporting your body’s natural rhythms and optimizing fertility. By providing consistent acupuncture sessions, we aim to create a conducive environment for hormonal balance, potentially increasing the chances of conception.

Herbal medicine

As part of the program, herbal medicine is integrated, featuring high-quality, potent herbs that undergo rigorous lab testing. Taken twice daily throughout the program, these herbs facilitate subtle yet impactful shifts in your overall health, complementing the acupuncture and lifestyle modifications to support your fertility journey effectively.

Diet and Lifestyle recommendations

Our approach involves crafting personalized diet and lifestyle recommendations tailored specifically to your unique needs and circumstances. By focusing on small yet meaningful adjustments, we aim to enact significant changes that contribute to your overall health and enhance fertility.


While the cost of supplements is not covered by the program, we’ve arranged a 15% discount with our trusted supplement provider exclusively for you. This discount enables you to access high-quality supplements at a more affordable rate, further supporting your fertility journey and overall well-being.

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