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Chinese Herbal Medicine

AA023260Chinese Herbal Medicine, which has been practiced and documented for over 2,500 years, is a sophisticated form of medicine that treats various of illnesses in the body. With proper diagnosis from a licensed practitioner, the efficacy of Chinese Herbal Medicine is excellent and with very little to no side effects.

Chinese Herbal Medicine when prescribed, normally comes as a formula, a melange of herbs ranging from 8-12 herbs. An Herbal Formula is carefully designed to treat a pattern of illness with a great consideration of the body as a whole. Just as an analogy, imagine that there’s a building on fire and it is happening on the seventh floor. Some firemen, will go to the seventh floor to extinguish the fire, while some will go check the other floors to make sure that everyone is safely evacuated. Meanwhile, there are also some firefighters out in the streets keeping the situation under control. A Chinese herbal formula in a nutshell works in a similar manner: the herbs work in concert inside the body to fight an illness pattern effectively.

At Malaya Acupuncture & Wellness Center, we use primarily herbal granules from Evergreen herbs. Dr. John Chen, Ph.D, Pharm.D, O.M.D., L.Ac and Tina Chen, L.Ac, work very hard to make sure that evergreen herbal products are top of the line, environmentally conscious and heavy metal free. For this reason, we at Malaya Wellness, chose to work with Evergreen. For more information about Evergreen, visit

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