Initial Intake (90min)…75$


Herbal Formulas…20 minute Herbal consultation is 15$ plus 38 cents per gram of herbs.  Ex: 20 minute consult with one week of herbs (70 grams) will cost 41.60$. If scheduled with an acupuncture treatment, the 15$ consultation fee will be free of charge.

Acupuncture Treatment Packages

4 Treatments…220$ (55$ per treatment)

8 treatments…392$ (49$ per treatment)

12treatments…504$ (42$ per treatment)

Longevity Package…4-6 months treatment plans. Recommended for people with many chronic illnesses.


*Initial Intake is included with a purchase of any of the treatment packages

* All first-time patients must have an initial intake.

*Re-exam (60 min) every 4 or 5 weeks is mandatory to track the patients health progress

* We give discounts to senior citizens (with ID) and students (with ID)

* Our Mission is to help as many people as possible. If your financial situation is keeping you from getting the care you need, please don’t hesitate to call us so that we can discuss your situation.